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Anita Sonya is a livestreaming coach and consultant helping business owners transform their businesses through livestreaming.


She organizes multiple international summits bringing together top speakers from diverse industries. 



Her motto 'Inspire to succeed' has given her the chance to create the platforms supported by international sponsors for the experts in their fields to share their expertise, experiences, knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks to reach the top so that the people can reach them out easily. The events she produces such as:

1. 100 Days Live with Sonya 2021 & 2022
2. Online World Summit for Livestreamers with Sonya 1 & 2
3. Online World Summit for Livestreamers 'Digital Marketing'
4. Online World Summit for Livestreamers 'Business Accelerator'
5. Online World Summit for Livestreamers & Podcasters 'Social Media Marketing'

She has been featured in '100 Livestreaming Digital Media Predictions' best-selling book Volume 1 & 2 by Ross Brand among 99 experts in podcasting, livestreaming, and digital marketing. 


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Top of the Amazon Charts!

#1 Best Seller in 16 US categories

#1 Best Seller in Canada

Top 5,000 of all books sold on Amazon.com

#1 Hot New Release in France, UK & Australia

Top 5 Hot New Release in India

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Next, she is also in 7th Livestream Universe Annual Predictions about livestreaming and digital media insights for 2022 from 100 leading creators & entrepreneurs.


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