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Livestream has become a fast-growing industry. Today is a must for entrepreneurs or anyone who works from home during a pandemic to livestream to grow their business or even to start one.

The people who lost their business or job have to do something and follow this trend to survive. It makes Livestreaming a necessity to brand their program or product. Personal branding gets the most exposure through live video.

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A messy mind creates messy life.

In this busy world with more and more tasks to do, added with overlapping information from any sources, people get chaos and clutter minds easily. In one day feel very enthusiastic to build a course and on the other day feel not sure after seeing other course creators seem to do much better for example. I experienced it when I had some work that was different from one another and wanted to start building my online business and focusing on it. All of them took the same amount of focus to grow well. It sounded impossible right. I felt drained. I could not think of another way to manage my schedule like I wanted to. Task by task kept coming. It seemed so endless. All were important. All was urgent. Everyone asked for the result while I had my own priority and deadline. Well... That was very messy. I hardly had time for myself to think of myself. I started to worry about my future. I had no clarity of my purpose.

decluttering your mind