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A messy mind creates messy life.

In this busy world with more and more tasks to do, added with overlapping information from any sources, people get chaos and clutter minds easily. In one day feel very enthusiastic to build a course and on the other day feel not sure after seeing other course creators seem to do much better for example. I experienced it when I had some work that was different from one another and wanted to start building my online business and focusing on it. All of them took the same amount of focus to grow well. It sounded impossible right. I felt drained. I could not think of another way to manage my schedule like I wanted to. Task by task kept coming. It seemed so endless. All were important. All was urgent. Everyone asked for the result while I had my own priority and deadline. Well... That was very messy. I hardly had time for myself to think of myself. I started to worry about my future. I had no clarity of my purpose.

decluttering your mind

Then, step-by-step I left some work and focused on my dream work. Of course, for quite some time, my income declined a lot and other works came to tempt me away from my real dreams. It was another mind clutter that I had. I cleared them up by making the decision to stick to my dream work where my passion is.

Ever learn and prepare so many things but at the end do nothing to make it happen because of overwhelming with so much information in your mind and do not know which one you need to first? The mind mess is mostly caused by an overloading brain. It can be because of avoiding our problems, procrastination, and being indecisive. It happened when the first time I wanted to start livestreaming and I did not know where to start while I have seen many livestreamers seem very attractive and well delivered in theirs shows. There were so many things that hold me back from being not confident and fear of judgment. How if I have no viewers and what to say in front of the camera not yet my English that is not my first language. I read and watch many tips and tricks to practice in front of the mirror or record it first and other suggestions from public speaking trainers and coaches. It did not work for me. I had to take the risks to go livestreaming. You need to hit that live button for knowing the real challenges to improve and once you do it, you will want more and more. Decluttering your mind provides more space for your mind to stop worrying, feeling anxious, and overwhelmed. Once you do this, you can reduce your negative thoughts that influence your mindset to change. You need to make decisions so that your brain can start to process it including your routine since it takes most of your brain space.

Decluttering your mind can help you be aware of yourself more, concentrate to get more things done, be present, and relax so that you can gain more inner peace.

Once you are successful to declutter your mind, you can understand the cause of stress is that you have a cluttered mind instead of not being able to solve any problems. Now we understand that most people are failed to reach some goals not because they are not talented enough, smart enough, or hard-working enough but because of the chaos in their minds.

Decluttering your mind is also decluttering your life.

Let go of all of the baggage that burdens you. After decluttering your mind, you will sleep better, be healthier, and have high spirits and energy. Step by step you will find yourself to be more creative and focused more on your goals.

Wow... such huge benefits of decluttering your mind you can get from financial, health, until spiritual. So let's do it for more quality of life.


Decluttering your mind is essential to reconnect with yourself again and stay focused on your goals despite any challenges.

As content creators, we need to have creative thinking that is sometimes filled with unnecessary thoughts, not from our work or projects but from our surroundings. Maybe we do not feel that it bothers our tasks at first then suddenly we lose our spirits to create contents that we need to build our brands.

Here are the three steps you can do to declutter your mind.

1.  Mind your physical spaces.

Physical space or physical environment takes role on mind clutter.

More stuff can give more stress. Most people fill their houses with the things they do not need. Let's unravel the tangled threads. Starting from your room and working space. Our files need to be sorted including our laptop or PC. Some people like to be neat and organized. Often simplicity brings more benefits.

I used to be happy when I'm in the Netherlands because I see flowers and other decorations on people's windows. Arranging your surroundings will bright your mind. You will be more relaxed and focused. It is possible that suddenly inspirations come to your mind to create more value for your community and clients. You will be able to make podcasts, videos, and any blogs with ease. If you need to breathe, so does your mind. Just like our mind, the space around us needed to be cleared regularly to free our mental space.

2. First thing first.

Setting priority for your agendas is important to get things done efficiently and effectively.

Any tasks you need to do will be lighter if you enjoy them. Nagging or being grumpy about it will not be good for the process. Finish what you have started. Do the hardest part first. The more you avoid it or procrastinate about it, the more it consumes your time, energy, and thinking.

Too many choices do not always give good decisions. The decision can be tough and it is much better to be taken than being indecisive so that we can take the next steps. Have clarity on your goals. Next is to make plans and take action based on your goals. It keeps you on track to create activities that support your goals. remember that being busy does not mean being productive or efficient. What you focus on grows which means what you prioritize gives great results. 

Multitasking is not suggested either. Make a priority list on the daily agenda and have a commitment to do it so that you can consider the things that distract your priorities. There are many apps and software that can help you to manage your schedule and appointments including your posts on social media from Trello, Calendly, Agorapulse, etc. You also can schedule your livestreaming from Streamyard and Restream for example.

3. Being mindful of your self-awareness increases your happiness

Being mindful is being present and nonjudgmental. Being mindful pays attention on your purpose.

So what if you do not have big followers now or many viewers on your livestreaming. It takes time to build it and believe me you inspire people more than you know.

Mindfulness is a quality that everyone has naturally. Stop ruminating and let go of your past. It cannot change your present but bother your peace of mind. Feel grateful for your condition and what you have today and you will be happier instead of worrying about what you have not had. I do not see successful people go viral right away. 

Worrying doesn't take you anywhere instead of getting rid of your joy away. Seize the moment and forgive what troubles you. It includes forgiving yourself. So that is ok if your sound was muted when you livestream for the first time for some minutes that you did not realize. It is totally OK if you have none watches your livestreaming. You will reach the right audiences later.

Get some sweat and activate your endorphin to boost your mood and spirits. You will be surprised to have new ideas and willpower. You will be more productive. You can also meditate or do yoga to bring self-awareness.


Mindfulness can be maintained daily from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. It is important to have daily routines to boost your mind. Do not scroll your screen directly when you wake up.

People have different morning routines like drinking water after getting up, exercising, praying, etc. Have your healthy morning routines. Nourish your mind and body.  We often forget as content creators, we also need to maintain our energy to perform better and deliver our messages well. People can feel and watch it when you are not well on your video or podcast.

Filter any information that is not important to you including TV, social media, smartphone, etc. This is why we also need to filter the contents that we do not need. The time and energy you spend for them scrolling your Facebook and Instagram all day dragging your further from doing your tasks. The more you postpone your tasks, the further you are from your goals.

When your mind is overloaded, it creates ambiguity. Let your mind rest sometimes from the crowded virtual world and fill yourself with quality information that improves your knowledge and skill to reach your dreams.

Further, the way you think will be different as it improves. You will be able to declutter your tasks, time management, and even your relationship with others. You will experience positive differences along the way.