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Working from home takes commitment and self discipline.

Anita Sonya, Transformational Expert

For you who want to get things done more effectively as a High Performer working from home in distractions age.

  • Are you looking for how to be more productive working from home?
  • Also removing your anxiety for not being able to finish your tasks on time?
  • And having more time to do the things you love?
  • Plus providing quality time with your loved ones?

Before the pandemic, people dream of working from home as a goal even a lifestyle. During the pandemic, people start to find out that working from home is not as beautiful as they imagine. Many struggle in the process and feel overwhelmed. So how to be more productive working from home? This course is designed for you to get more things done by being more productive, becoming laser focused, and maintaining new healthy habit that support your goals. Get rid of your stress, anxiety, and procrastination when you work from home by joining this coaching program.


In this 2 months coaching program you will learn how to
1. Maintain your laser focus.
It will help you to handle distractions and other things that block your productivity.
2. Manage your time.
It will help you to optimize your schedule and control your time.
3. Build a healthy habit. 
It will help you to build self discipline from the simple routine that you need along the way and provide good energy to keep up with your goals.
4. Optimizing your productivity.
It will help you to know what priorities that you need to reach your goals.
5. Feeling happier.
It will help you to create happiness in your productive days for having balance in personal life and work. Even if you have a hectic schedule to thrive, you can do your tasks in ease. 

In this 2 months coaching you will get:

1. Weekly call 1:1 for an hour x 8.

2. Worksheets that will help you to be on tracks maintaining your productivity.

3. Self evaluation.

4. Focus exercises.


1. 30 Days Productivity List

2. 10% discount for my other trainings

3. PDF How to set physical environment to reduce distractions.

Investment you need: USD 699.

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