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Attract More Clients with Livestreaming 

Live 4 Week Course with Sonya

How to use your live video to become a leader in your field.

Live streaming is one of the fastest ways to establish your thought leadership, showcase your expertise and get on the radar of the major players in your industry.

Livestreaming is going to change your business to attract your clients.

Join us now to learn how to leverage live video to gain new business opportunities.

Only $97 for:

  • 4 weeks course of live training calls
  • Workbook
  • VIP membership of private Facebook group
  • E-certificate for completing the class.

This course is very useful for:

1. Entrepreneurs

2. Start up business

3. Introverts

4. Coaches and trainers who want to leverage their personal brand through livetsreaming

You will be able to:

  • Become more confident.
  • Overcome your struggle to standout on crowded and noisy social media platforms.

What you will learn

  1. How to create livestreaming that suits your personality and your brand.
  2. How to build your confidence and become a high performance livestreamer. 
  3. How to be a better host.
  4. How to be a captivating speaker.
  5. How to create an online event.
  6. How to get quality speakers.
  7. How to monetize your event.

You can register here. 

Register Now !!!

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