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Grab the chance to participate in 100 Days Live with Sonya as a Sponsor.


1. Support Sponsorship

For $ 200 you will get:

  • 2x mentions in 20 livestreaming (opening and closing).
  • Logo in graphics

2. Live Sponsorship

With $ 500 you will get

  • 1 month mentions in  livestreaming (opening and closing)
  • Logo in graphics
  • 1 month of 55 seconds promotional video 

3. Giveaway Sponsorship

As a giveaway sponsor for $ 1000 you will get
  • Running text and mentions for giveaways
  • Logo in graphics
  • 2 months of 55 seconds promotional video

4. Platinum sponsorship (main sponsor)

As the main sponsor for $ 1500, you will get

  • Running text in every livestreaming
  • Logo in graphics 
  • 3 months of 55 seconds promotional video


Get all the benefits of exposure yourself and your brand in our international Summit. 

What Ross Brand of Livestream Universe said about 100 Days Live with Sonya: 

I’m excited to participate as both a speaker and sponsor for 100 Days with Sonya, one of the most ambitious live streaming events

In addition to engaging with Sonya’s global community during my live interview, I will keep my business front and center throughout the 100 days by taking advantage of event sponsorship opportunities to reach both audience members and influential speakers.

Congrats to Sonya for putting together this impressive lineup of 100 leading online media personalities and entrepreneurs. 

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